Benchmark & Strategy


Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, represented by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and SERV Schweizerische Exportrisikoversicherung engaged actoRx to conduct a benchmark analysis on export finance. In addition, SERV assigned actoRx to support the ECA’s senior management developing the new Strategy 2025. This included direction, execution and results of the Swiss ECA, creating the foundation for the new Target Operating Model and SERV’s HR transformation.


Change & Operations


Public export credit agencies play a key role for companies operating at international level. In the event of market failure, governments fill liquidity gaps for exporters and mitigate risks associated with conducting foreign business. Public export financing and guarantees are important tools used in promoting the export economy and are usually provided on a subsidiarity basis. The products of Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV, for example, are often essential for enabling access to new markets in the first place, as they protect exporters against bad debt, especially in emerging and developing countries.


The analytical framework of the benchmark study is based on the proven benchmarking model developed by researchers from Offenburg and Oxford. The model helps to satisfy the accountability needs of all stakeholders, considering direction, execution and results in a “Strategic Eco(n)system”. The model guides agencies through paths that should be pursued, informing the direction the organisation should take. The model’s underlying framework was developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management. actoRx also supported SERV regarding the development of its Strategy 2025.