Benchmark Analysis

Dutch Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands commissioned a benchmark analysis in 2020 to assess strengths and weaknesses of the Dutch export credit agency to better cope with challenges and opportunities. actoRx was engaged to conduct this benchmark analysis. Through learning from peers in a systematic way, the Dutch Ministry of Finance wanted to develop new strategies and effect better performance based on a cutting-edge and proven export credit agency benchmarking model.


Change & Operations


Economic promotion instruments such as those provided by Atradius Dutch State Business play a crucial role to foster growth through trade in uncertain times. On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Finance, Atradius manages the official export credit agency (ECA) of the Netherlands. Two other programmes are operated by Atradius on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The Dutch ECA helps to mitigate commercial and political risks associated with international business activities of Dutch companies.


The analytical framework of the study is based on the proven benchmarking model developed by researchers from Offenburg and Oxford. The model helps to satisfy the accountability needs of all stakeholders, considering direction, execution and results in a “Strategic Eco(n)system”. The model guides agencies through paths that should be pursued, informing the direction the organisation should take. The model’s underlying framework was developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management.