Strategy & TOM

African Export-Import Bank

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) engaged actoRx to undertake analytics, strategy and organisational design consulting services regarding a new finance institution in a member country. The consulting work included a market and feasibility study, the development of a strategy, as well as the development and implementation of a target operating model (TOM) and HR foundations. Furthermore, financial products for the new institution were developed by actoRx.


Change & Operations


A sound strategic framework and TOM are not only a starting point but also crucial factors for the successful implementation of a public financial institution. A public bank needs both an enabling environment and a sustainable operational system to deliver customer solutions, manage relationship dynamics and create impact. In this project, actoRx implemented a multidimensional approach for performance and impact, looking at both organisational efficiency and effects of interventions based on the Theory of Change. The work also included the product and process perspectives.


The aim of the assignment was to conduct a market analysis and feasibility study in the Afreximbank member country. In addition, actoRx developed a strategic framework for a new public financial institution. Furthermore, the consultants developed a future-oriented target operating model (TOM) for the bank. The assessment also focused on the development of new financing and guarantee products such as working capital guarantees. In addition, actoRx provided drafts for general terms and conditions for the new products, as well as guidelines and operational policies.